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This day in Civil War History: January 12

-1862 Skirmish at Lick Creek Arkansas

-1865 Francis P. Blair Sr. attempts to negotiate peace with Jefferson Davis

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January Deals

Charleston Restaurant Week. January 7-18, 2015

This event is put on by the Charleston Restaurant Association and is an excellent opportunity to experince world-class cuisine as partcipating restaurants offer a prix fixe on lunch and dinner menus. Download a FREE app to get a complete directory and more information about events like the Lowcountry Oyster Roast and the Southern Living Taste of Charleston. For more info visit

This Day in Civil War History: January 26

-1861 Louisiana secedes from Union

Charleston Museum Mile Month

Great deal for museum buffs: See 11 cultural institutions for only $25 for adults and $10 children. Participating sites include: Aiken-Rhett House, Children's Museum of the Lowcountry, Edmonston-Alston House, The Old Exchange Building, The Powder Magazine, The Old Slave Mart, The Nathaniel Russell House, The Confederate Museum, The Heyward-Washington House, The Joeseph Manigault House, and The Charleston Museum. For more info visit

1860 Charleston and South Carolina - Slavery by the Numbers

- 57% of South Carolina's population were enslaved

- 3% of white population owned 95% enslaved population

- 2/3 of capital wealth of state invested into human property

- Of the 15 people in the US who owned more than 500 slaves 8 were

South Carolinians

- Slave population in Charleston: over 18,000 out of 40,000 overall

- Over 2000 free persons of color in city, some were slave owners

This Day in Civil War History: February 3

- 1862 President Lincoln refuses an offer from The King of Siam to send war


2015 Southeastern Wildlife Exposition

If you're looking for a great Charleston vacation that centers on nature, art, and wildlife you have three days until the start of the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (February 11-15). SEWE is the largest wildlife art and nature event in the nation. Now in its 33rd year, the South Eastern Wildlife Exposition attracts over 500 artists from around from around the globe. This 3-day celebration of nature now hosts the world's foremost experts in wildlife and nature. In addition to the fantastic art, there will be the always entertaining Dock Dock Dogs competitions, retriever demos, conservation exibits, free flight falconry demos, and childrens activities. For tickets, artists, event schedule, visit

2015 Charleston Wine and Food Festival March 4-8

If you're a foodie like me come on out the 10th edition of the festival. Planners have overhauled the Culinary Village from a trade show like platform to an easy to navigate format with an emphasis on education and interaction. The event has also swapped in a gospel brunch for the jazz brunch held on Sunday morning. Local chefs have also cooked up a new event called Southern Betty Bunch. This event will feature an all-female crew of chefs and winemakers. Other events include many interactive workshops, such as a sushi-rolling session at O-ku; a pizza making class at Desanto Pizza Bakery; and a "Distiller for a Day" program at High Wine Distilling Co. If you are looking for some of the finest estate bottled wines from around the world, I highly recommend visiting Zimmerman's International Wine Imports at .

This Day Civil War History: February 17

On this day in 1864, off Charleston, the Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley sinks the USS Housatonic, becoming the first combat submarine to sink a warship The Hunley was not completely submerged when it ran a spar mine into the sloop. Following the attack, she was lost with her crew of eight. Unfortunately for many of its operators, it was an iron coffin. Twenty-one crewmen were lost in three sinkings. It was actually operated by the Confederate Army, not the Navy. Custom built in Mobile Alabama, it was shipped by rail to Charleston in the summer of 1863. While referred to as the CSS Hunley, she was never officially commissioned into service. Located in 1995 off the coast of Sullivans Island, the Hunley was raised in 2000 and now on display at the Warren Lasch Conservation center on the Cooper River Tours are available on Saturday and Sunday. Althougt the H.L. is credited with being the first submarine to sink a ship in combat, the first submarine to fire a torpedo while submerged and sink a ship was the German U-21. On September 5, 1914 during WW I, she sank the HMS Pathfinder.

On this day in 1865, Confedrate forces evacuate Charleston and Columbia is burned. When General William T. Sherman's army of over 60,000 battle-hardened soldiers turned north into South Carolina, about 18,000 Confedarate troops were left to put up a defense. Many of the Confederates were old men and children. Most thought Sherman would attact Charleston. Continuing his policy of total war, Sherman's army cut a swath into South Carolina, but Sherman considered Charleston "a mere desolated wreck", telling his officers it would hardly worth the time it take to starve it out.

During the night of February 17, some 10,000 Confederate troops and the few remaining well-to-do begin retreating northward and headed to Cheraw. A union prisoner saw the departing soldiers getting "drunk and crazed" on "turpentine whiskey." The three gunboats were blown up, cotton and rice was gathered and set afire, and the Ashley River bridge was burned.

Come walk along with me to the next bend, it might increase you life expectancy. According to the American Heart Association, studies show that adults can gain as many as two hours of life expectancy for every hour you walk. So that means you might increase your life span by as much as twelve hours if you do all three tours.

The Emanuel African Methodist Church in Charleston is the oldest AME church south of Baltimore. Help Charleston heal from the church massacre by making a donation to the Mother Emanuel Hope Fund. The fund has been created to benefit families of the victims in connection to the shooting:

Mail a check to:

Mother Emanuel Hope Fund

c/o City of Charleston Post Office Box 304

Charleston, SC 29402

You can also walk into any Wells Fargo location in the US and write a check to Mother Emanuel Hope Fund.

In Italy they have a ritual called the Passeggiati or evening stroll. As the sun softens the locals take to the streets. Young and old alike socialize amongst the atmospheric beauty of the old world. Join tour guide Jeff Zimmerman for Charleston's version of the Passeggiata. On this 90 minute walking tour you will discover the city's culture, natural world, architecture, and over 300 years of history. Great for photo enthusiasts and a fun alternative to a ghost tour or carriage tour. Also the perfect pre-dinner activity!

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